In the course of giving the audience an unforgettable experience, a valuable piece of artwork is produced.  This opens up several options for paying for Dan’s services:

The Festival or Event may fund the painting, stipulate the subject matter and keep the finished product.  If the final painting is of the event itself, the artwork may be used for marketing purposes for future events.

The Festival/Event

organizers may find

a corporate or private

sponsor or sponsors.

Those sponsors then

may request specific

subject matter and

the final painting or

paintings are given to


The organizers may

make partial payment

and allow Dan to con-

duct a silent or live auction and sell the painting to the highest bidder.

Any combination of all of the above.

RATES are negotiable depending on the size and history of the festival or event.  Travel and lodging expenses may be added to the stipend. A typical weekend festival will cost about $5000.oo

These three paintings were done on the 8 x 10-foot canvas for one festival.  Funding came from 3 private contributors. The upper left was from a photograph, the other two were landmarks in town that Dan drove to and sketched.  The contributors each got a bargain on an original painting, the festival paid only for travel expenses . . . and everyone had a good time!

CLICK HERE to download a THREE-DAY festival pricing guidelineFunding_files/Festival%20Price%20Guidelines.pdf
CLICK HERE to download a ONE-DAY festival pricing guidelineFunding_files/Festival%20Price%201%20DAY%20Guidelines_1.pdf