T H E   E Q U I P M E N T


The most outstanding is Dan’s “HUGE EASEL”--

  1. *1500 pounds in 3 boxes on 12 wheels carried in a customized trailer holding

        • An 8 x 10-foot Canvas,

        • Theatrical Lighting,

        • Big Sound System,

        • Compressed Air,

        • Quiet-Running Generator,

        • Umbrella and Rain Cover,

        • 400 Pounds of Ballast, and

        • Paints and Brushes & Tools.

A big part of what makes Dan’s presentation unique is his equipment. 

After several years of painting indoors and out,

in front of audiences large and small,

he has designed several custom easels

to fit every occasion---

The next-largest easel

is a super-classy, hardwood Sanyi easel with a built-in car battery, out-rigger legs, patio umbrella, lighting, and sound-system. It can handle paintings up to 6 by 8-feet and still fit in my van..

This easel is perfect for festivals and shows where the BIG equipment is over-kill; it also allows me to do paintings that are easier for most people to hang on their walls.

Dan also uses a standard-size easel for doing standard-size (up to 36 x 48) paintings. This is the easel that is most used at weddings and moderate-sized corporate functions.

Dan always provides coverings to protect the floor, and has battery-operated lighting so that no extension cords are needed. This easel has a footprint (including Dan!) of about 4 by 5 feet.

Finally, when driving is NOT an option, Dan has designed an easel that can be broken down to fit into a checked-in suitcase for  flying across the country.