"Artsplosure--now in its 30th year--

has always maintained a high standard for its vendors and artists.   Dan Nelson joined us last year with his "World's Largest Plein Aire Painter" equipment.  

His presentation was impressive, his art work outstanding, and his interaction with festival attendees delightful.   His work exceeded our expectations and added much to the joyful atmosphere of our festival.  

We look forward to having him back again."

Michael Lowder

Executive Director, Artsplosure,

Raleigh NC

"Dan Nelson has been a part of the South Carolina Jazz Festival for the past two years.  

We found him reliable, dependable, and

easy to work with.  He interacts very well with his audience and is a real crowd-pleaser.

His art work added a very fun and

unique element to our festival.  

We look forward to having him here again!"

 Lindsay Bennett

Cheraw Arts Council

Cheraw, SC

While the artwork is grand, it is the “artist” who is GREATER!  Dan Nelson is a WONDERFUL person.  His attitude from day one has been terrific.  While producing 3-4 paintings during our festival, he never refuses to stop painting & talk with curious festival goers.  A few weeks after last year’s festival, I had a doctor’s appointment.  My doctor went on & on about how kind and pleasant Dan was and how she had emailed him after the festival and to her shock, he had promptly replied. I assured her that was the Dan I had always known & we discussed how blessed Wilson was to have him as a service provider.


Sometime persons as gifted as Dan are difficult to work with and require the world to bow at their feet.  NOT DAN!  He is one of the most humble persons I’ve ever met.  He has never complained about his location and does not burden the festival with petty, special requests. Instead, he is all about what he can do to best serve the Festival.  One year, we needed him to produce four paintings instead of the usual three.  Even though it was taxing, he did it with a smile.   He allows use of his artwork in any way the Festival desires, without any share in its profit.  For example, his artwork has been used on our

t-shirts, posters, and note cards.  I am astounded by his genuine excitement for our festival.  He even chose to feature his work at our festival on his you tube page.

Therefore, because of the endless support Dan Nelson provides in helping the Wilson Whirligig Festival be successful, I am honored to nominate him as Best Service Provider Associate.   He is one of our greatest treasures! 

Sherryleta Lacewell,

Chairman, Wilson Whirligig Festival