What, exactly, does Dan do?

Dan produces a beautiful 8 by 10-foot painting in one day while playing beautiful music on a built-in  sound system. He can also perform music (jazz,

traditional, ambient) on several instruments

if this is arranged ahead of time.

What does he paint?

His preference is to paint what he

sees, but he can do whatever the

client requests--usually a local land-

mark, building, or streetscape.

Can he do something smaller than 8 by 10 feet?

Yes--he can either produce several small scenes on one canvas, or he can paint on a normal-size canvas, although that diminishes much of the WOW factor.

Does he need an electrical source?

Plugging into existing power is best---Dan carries drop cords and mats to minimize any trip hazard---but the equipment has the ability to operate

off a quiet-running generator that is

built into the main box.

What does he do if it rains?

Dan’s equipment is built to func-

tion in anything from a drizzle to a

downpour. High winds are the only

thing that may force him to pause

until the weather clears up.

Does he need help setting up?

The equipment can be set up

by one person, though there are

a couple of points at which an

extra set of  hands are particularly


Can he perform after dark?

The lights on the kit make the

presentation especially stunning

after sundown.

How much space does he need?

The equipment itself has a “footprint” of about 12 by 12 feet, but the tie-down ropes with weights extend beyond that to about 12 by 24 feet, total.

How much does he charge?

That depends on a number of variables: the nature of the event, whether the host wants to purchase the painting, whether or not Dan is to perform live music, travel expenses, and so on.  A typical weekend with Dan costs about $3500.