Dan Nelson started amazing people with his art-on-the-spot magic over 35 years ago. As a college student he did large chalk drawings with black light special effects; as a youth worker he produced 100-foot-long sand sculptures on the shores of Lake Michigan; he went on to create enchanting theatrical sets, award-winning street paintings, clandestine “art happenings” and non-stop party entertainment.

In 1998 he began painting on an 8 by 10-foot sheet of vinyl, washing off each scene to make room for the next ephemeral masterpiece.  After 80 or 90 of these “practice murals” he was ready to get serious.  In 2002 he built “The World’s Largest Plein Aire Kit” and was ready to become the Festival & Event Painter.

Dan brings a unique

creative element to

any special event.

People enjoy watch-

ing him paint, enjoy

chatting with him

about his art work

and equipment, and

enjoy the peaceful

mood his music

and art bring to any